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Parker Vector Fountain Pen Review

For anyone looking to enjoy the fountain pen experience without paying the hundreds of dollars that high-end pens often cost, the Parker Vector is a good choice. This inexpensive pen offers consumers the reliability and beauty of the Parker brand at a cost that is affordable for almost anyone. Lightweight, smooth, and modeled on the shape of the ballpoint pen, the Parker Vector offers an appealing and low cost addition to any fountain pen collection.

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• Manufacturer’s part number: SM50136002M
• Price: Around $18
• Weight: .8 oz.
• Dimensions: 8.5 in. x 4.3 in. x .8 in.
• Nib size: Medium
• Detailing: Arrow clip, ballpoint pen shape, thin, cigar band
• Material: Plastic or steel
• Ink color: Black
• Pen color: Numerous colors from which to choose
• Nib material: Stainless steel


One of the first features that consumers will notice about the Parker Vector is its price. At just under $20, this fountain pen stands out simply because of how incredibly affordable it is. The result is that this pen is available to almost anyone, regardless of their budget. What may not be as evident at first glance, however, is how much quality consumers get for that low price. While the body of the pen is made of plastic that can feel cheap and gives the Vector a very lightweight feel, the pen is actually constructed to look beautiful and write reliably. For instance, the pen sports a huge variety of colors, accented by a striking arrow-shaped clip. In addition, the pen is elongated, with a barrel-shaped body and cigar band to add elegance and appeal to the pen’s appearance.

In addition to its quality appearance, the Parker Vector also performs well for a pen in its price range. Consumers report that the pen writes immediately after removal from the box and does so smoothly, without skipping or hesitation. The nib does occasionally scratch as it writes, but in general, the pen is reliable and pleasant to use. The durability of the pen matches its performance. Parker stands behind its work with a two-year warranty that covers any manufacturing issues that may arise for the consumer. Consumers also report that the pen stands up to accidents well. Quality and durability combine with convenience in a cartridge/converter refill system that allows consumers to either install cartridges or use the converter to add their own ink to the pen.

Because of its low price, the Parker Vector is ideal for anyone looking for an inexpensive fountain pen. This includes beginners to fountain pens who want to get their feet wet with a pen that is not a significant investment, those who are on a tight budget, and those who are looking for an affordable addition to an existing fountain pen collection. Also because of its low price, in addition to its reliable performance, the Vector is a good choice for anyone wanting a pen they can use every day or carry around without worrying about causing damage. Finally, its stylish appearance makes it an elegant addition to anyone’s desk or pen collection.

Updated: March 24, 2015 — 10:13 am

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