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Have you ever hand written a multi-page paper or letter? When you were finished was your writing hand tense? Were you in pain afterwards? Repetitive writing with a pen or pencil can cause you to strain the muscles and tendons in your hand, lead to writer’s cramp, and may also lead to calluses. This is because most cheap pens and even high quality fountain pens weren’t necessarily designed with comfort in mind. Now imagine trying to undertake such a task while suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel, or any other repetitive strain injury.  Surely the pain is unbearable, yet hundreds of thousands of American’s suffer from such conditions and push through the pain to fulfill everyday tasks like writing. Ergonomic pens were designed to minimize such pain.

We have researched the many different options available and listed below are our top 4 pick:

ImagePenShapePen LengthPen WidthAverage Customer RatingPrice
Pilot Dr Grip Center of Gravity BallpointWide Grip7.40.64.7$
Penagain Ergosleek Metal BallpointY-Shape4.11.74.5$$$
EzGrip ResQ Gel PenWide Grip6.113.5$$
Uglee Ultimate Grip RollerballModified Wide Grip7.20.83.5$

What is an Ergonomic Pen?

Best Ergonomic PenErgonomics comes for the greek root word of “ergon” and “nomos” meaning “work” and “laws” respectively. Essentially ergonomic research focuses on making the working environment less physically and mentally stressful on the human body. Most people are familiar with ergonomic keyboards and chairs, but less familiar with pens that were created with ergonomics in mind. Such pens come in a large variety of looks and colors ranging from those almost indistinguishable from normal pens to those looking like foreign objects. These pens were crafted with unique shapes, grips, and ink flow all with the purpose of minimizing the amount of tension and strain caused to the hand.

Comfort You Can Feel

Regardless of whether you do suffer from a medical condition or not, ergonomic pens have been scientifically proven to make writing easier on you. So kiss those days of cramped hands and calluses goodbye! For those of you who actually do suffer from arthritis or a repetitive strain injury, you really shouldn’t be using any pens other than these type. If you haven’t already used these pens before and writing does cause your pain to flare up, you are in for a treat!

Have you used the above mentioned pens in the work place (or in your personal environment)? Can you attest to the difference between these pens and your everyday run of the mill pen?

For more information about Ergonomic Pens, check out the video below:

Updated: October 14, 2014 — 2:41 am

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