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Fountain pens receive the hype. Most underestimate that some of the best ballpoint pens destroy the majority of fountain pens on the market. Here are our top pics for the top ballpoint pens in 2015:

The Best Fountain Pen Reviews of 2015


With 2015 drawing to an end, and 2016 just around the corner is, the best fountain pens are still the hipsters of the world of writing utensils. They were pens before it was cool to be a pen. They existed before there were cheap disposable Bics or Papermates that you could lose every few a day […]

Cross Century II Medalist Fountain Pen Review

Picture of Cross Century II Fountain PEn

Found on our Top List of Recommended Fountain Pens, Style, size, and reliability define the Cross Century II Medalist fountain pen. Built on the model of the earlier model of the Classic Century, this incarnation adds to the line an elegant design and excellent ink flow a wider body and nib. The result of this new combination […]

The Basics of How to Write with a Fountain Pen


Fountain pens offer a fun, exciting, and elegant way to write. The smooth flow of the ink, the comforting weight of the pen in the hand, and the sophisticated design make even the most mundane writing a luxurious experience. However, creating an easy flow of ink and neat letters with this writing instrument requires a […]

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review


The basic look and function of the Lamy Safari fountain pen masks its far from basic performance among pens in its price range. This piece is actually featured on two different “Best Pens” lists that we have put out, both the “List of Top Recommended Fountain Pens” (as the economy choice) and our “List of […]

Waterman Expert Fountain Pen Review


The Waterman Expert fountain pen boasts a gorgeous design, well-built nib, and beautiful finish. Its black lacquered body, gold trim, and stainless steel nib testify to its stylish French origins and set it apart from the competition in the area of look and feel. The result is a pen that looks expensive, feels luxurious, and […]

Choosing the Right Pen Nib


The heart and soul of a quality fountain pen is its nib, the tip where the ink flows onto the page. It controls how quickly and how much ink comes out of the pen, and it influences the appearance of the writing. The most basic difference among them is their width. As a result, choosing […]

Namiki Falcon Review

Namiki Falcon

The Namiki Falcon fountain pen (currently on our list of the the Top Fountain Pens Reviewed) comes to us from a culture that has been rich in writing for hundreds of years. It’s sleek design is both elegant and intentional. The Falcon’s defining feature can be found with its boasted “flexible” nib, which was heavily influenced […]

Waterman Carene Fountain Pen Review

Waterman Carene

Beautiful, stylish, and unique, the Waterman Carene is a standout addition to the Waterman brand. Similar in design to the Parker 51, the Carene offers the same luxurious writing experience combined with a high-end construction and unique, inlaid nib for consumers wanting a truly pleasing writing experience. Brass and lacquer mix with thoughtful construction details […]

Parker Vector Fountain Pen Review


For anyone looking to enjoy the fountain pen experience without paying the hundreds of dollars that high-end pens often cost, the Parker Vector is a good choice. This inexpensive pen offers consumers the reliability and beauty of the Parker brand at a cost that is affordable for almost anyone. Lightweight, smooth, and modeled on the […]

Parker 45 Fountain Pen Review


The Parker 45 is a vintage pen, having been produced from the 1960s to the early 2000s. This time-tested pen sports a classic but elegant design that appeals to a wide range of writers. Its low price combined with its excellent performance make it ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a high-quality writing instrument on […]

Lamy Pico Ballpoint Pen Review


Compactness and portability define the Lamy Pico ballpoint pen. This small nugget of a pen tucks a regular-sized pen inside a tiny package that fits perfectly in almost any pocket or bag. One click is sufficient to lengthen the pen and reveal the writing tip. The result is a refillable ballpoint pen that works perfectly […]

Waterman Phileas Fountain Pen Review


The Waterman Phileas fountain pen is a solid basic fountain pen. Ideal for newcomers to the world of fountain pens, it provides a reliably smooth writing experience, a light, attractive design, and a low price. The combination of these features result in an appealing, basic pen for anyone looking to enjoy the advantages of a […]

Lamy Joy Fountain Pen Review


The Lamy Joy fountain pen is the cousin of the Lamy Safari. Boasting the durable build and same beautiful design as Lamy’s other pens, the Joy stands out because of its extra wide nib. The 1.1mm nib offers the consumer the opportunity to add a splash of calligraphy to their writing. In addition, the pen […]

Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen Review


The Lamy Dialog 3 is a distinctive, high-end pen. A twist pen, it dispenses with a cap in favor of a sleek and creative ball valve in front of a retracted gold nib. This unique design feature allows the pen to maintain a chic, uniformly round shape while providing a pleasant experience for the consumer. […]

Lamy CP1 Fountain Pen


The Lamy CP1 fountain pen is a plain pen with far from plain performance. Its simple design, uniform color, and low price make it ideal as a beginner pen for anyone valuing simplicity in their writing instruments. Its reliable performance and smooth lines offer consumers the satisfaction of a steady, dependable writing experience. CLICK FOR […]

Faber Castell Basic Fountain Pen Review


The Faber-Castell Basic is a reliable workhorse of a fountain pen that comes at a reasonable price. Its $40 price tag belies its solid build, elegant design, smooth writing, and overall good quality construction. Its carbon fiber construction and distinctive design make it durable and beautiful, while its low price tag and overall pleasing performance […]

Lamy Studio Fountain Pen Review

Lamy Studio Fountain Pen

The Lamy Studio is both elegant and sleek. Characterized by a sharp design, unique details, and smooth performance, this fountain pen provides a comfortable and memorable experience for any consumer. When combined with its reasonable price tag, it becomes an ideal pen for anyone looking to advance past their beginner pen and make a statement […]

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