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Namiki Falcon Review

The Namiki Falcon fountain pen (currently on our list of the the Top Fountain Pens Reviewed) comes to us from a culture that has been rich in writing for hundreds of years. It’s sleek design is both elegant and intentional. The Falcon’s defining feature can be found with its boasted “flexible” nib, which was heavily influenced by the input of Japanese pen show owners. The flexibility of the Falcon’s 14k gold nib was engineered to yield to the writer’s angle. Soft fine, medium, or broad nib options available to choose from.


Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen Review


While this pen is clearly not as fancy as many other fountain pens, yet it’s classic design and functionality makes it a good deal for it’s price point. You won’t find very many fountain pens this good for this cheap. It glides smoothly as your right and the ink feeds constantly. It doesn’t skip or leak, even when you intentionally try to make it. It’s very light and is a great pen for both loose sketches and controlled drawings.

While it isn’t flashy, the Namiki Falcon fountain pen’s beauty is in it’s simplicity. The Falcon is a little “wetter” than other pens so at times it may not as work well normal paper, however with good ink and paper, this pen is a pleasure to write with. It’s carefully designed nib adds beautiful character to your handwriting. After a while it may become addicting, so don’t be surprised if you find that yourself tempted to do homework or jot down notes with it. 


Namiki Falcon Review

Image by timechaser


While this pen will probably not interest die-hard pen collectors or people searching for high end products. Most would agree that the pen is very well priced.  If you’re looking for an average priced fountain pen and wanting a good solid product you will definitely want to consider the Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen.


Updated: October 17, 2014 — 10:45 pm

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