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Lamy Pico Ballpoint Pen Review

Compactness and portability define the Lamy Pico ballpoint pen. This small nugget of a pen tucks a regular-sized pen inside a tiny package that fits perfectly in almost any pocket or bag. One click is sufficient to lengthen the pen and reveal the writing tip. The result is a refillable ballpoint pen that works perfectly for anyone who needs a pen to take with them on their travels.



• Model number: L288
• Price: About $35
• Weight: 1.6 in.
• Dimension: 9 in. x 5 in. x 2 in.
• Retracted length 3.75 in. (9 cm.)
• Extended length: 5 inches (12 cm.)
• Nib size: Ballpoint
• Detailing: Branding, no clip, round body
• Finishes: Matte
• Ink color: Black or blue
• Pen color: Black or red


The Lamy Pico is one of the most unique ballpoint pens on the market today, primarily because of its tiny size. The pen is designed to be extremely compact and therefore easy to carry. As a result, it retracts in size to less than 4 inches long. It weights less than two ounces and, in addition, lacks a clip that could interfere with its storage. The result is a tiny, stylish, lightweight tube that fits anywhere the consumer wishes to store it, from bags to pockets. When in use, however, the pen easily transforms into a standard-sized pen. All the consumer has to do to lengthen the pen and reveal the tips is to click the bottom of the pen. When extended in this manner, the Pico becomes about 5 inches long, long enough to be comfortable in almost any consumer’s hands. In fact, the pen receives positive reviews from consumers for its comfortable fit when extended. When the consumer wishes to store the pen again, all they need to do is to press the end of the pen again in order to retract the extra length and writing tip and return the pen to its previous compact shape.

In addition to its small and convenient size, the Lamy Pico receives good reviews for the quality of its refills. While relatively expensive, these refills are long-lasting, providing several months of regular usage apiece. In addition, they are easy to install. The only downside to the Pico is a tendency to start slowly when writing, and for its ink to fade over the course of writing. In addition, the cap occasionally comes loose from the top of the pen. However, the pen’s writing capabilities are at least as good as an average-sized pen, and the compact size, stylish appearance, and ease of use make this pen an appealing option.

The Lamy Pico is an ideal pen for anyone looking to combine both a compact size and a stylish appearance. For instance, it makes a good companion for those who travel frequently and need a pen to use on the go. It also makes a good writing instrument for businesspeople and others who want a nice-looking pen to use. The Pico’s long-lasting refills also make it a good choice for anyone who plans to use their pen on a daily basis.

Updated: March 24, 2015 — 9:54 am

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