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Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen Review

The Lamy Dialog 3 is a distinctive, high-end pen. A twist pen, it dispenses with a cap in favor of a sleek and creative ball valve in front of a retracted gold nib. This unique design feature allows the pen to maintain a chic, uniformly round shape while providing a pleasant experience for the consumer. Its unique design features combined with the Lamy’s superb performance make the Dialog 3 worth its price tag.




• Model number: L74M
• Price: About $250-300
• Weight: 8 in.
• Dimension: 6.1 in. x .4 in. x .4 in.
• Nib size: Extra fine, fine, medium, broad, oblique medium, oblique broad
• Detailing: Twist-action, round body, bi-color nib
• Finishes: Matte, palladium
• Ink color: Black
• Pen color: Black or silver
• Nib material: 14-karat gold


The Lamy Dialog 3 is almost entirely unique in the fact that it is a high-end twist-action fountain pen. The pen, which can run almost $300, does not use a cap to keep the nib protected from drying out. Instead, it utilizes a ball valve that shields the retracted nib while the pen is closed. Writers access the nib by twisting the top part of the pen’s body. As the body twists, the ball valve gradually opens, and the nib pops out of the top of the pen. When the writer is finished using the pen, the nib can be retracted by reversing the twist action of the pen, replacing the valve in front of the nib. This particular style has certain advantages. For instance, it keeps the pen from leaking while being stored. It also lends the pen a distinct look, making the pen appear as a tube, and creating a more compact size. The primary disadvantage of this mechanism is the tendency for the pen to dry out if it is not used regularly. For instance, consumers report that the pen tends to start slow or not at all if not used daily.

In addition to its distinctive twist-action design, the Dialog 3 distinguishes itself by its relatively heavy design. This design allows the consumer to enjoy a weighty pen, but some consumers may find it a bit heavy for comfort. In larger hands, however, its weight lends it a distinguished feel, and matches its elegant appearance, silver clip, and sleek shape. In addition to these design characteristics, the Dialog 3 boasts a 14-karat gold nib that is slightly flexible and matches the quality one would expect to find in a pen of this caliber. The nib also writes like the high-end product that it is. Consumers report exceptionally smooth performance, without any skipping or hesitation out of the box.

The weight of this pen makes it a good choice for anyone with larger hands. Because of its tendency to dry out when not used regularly, it works best as a pen used every day. In addition, the almost $300 price tag and the twist-action design makes it appealing for anyone looking for a genuinely high-quality statement pen to add to their collection.

Updated: March 24, 2015 — 9:11 am

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