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January 18, 2014

Fountain pens are the hipsters of the world of writing utensils. They were pens before it was cool to be a pen. They existed before there were cheap disposable Bics or Papermates that you could lose every few a day and not really care. In fact there is a lot of interesting history surrounding them. They are the direct predecessor of the dip pen, the first “real pen.” Before them feather quills were used for centuries. The big difference between the dip pen and the fountain pen is that the fountain pen was the first writing utensil to have an internal supply of ink, making it still both an elegant and practical writing instrument.

Pilot Vanishing Point Retractable Collection*Customizable Colors
*Choice of Fine, Medium and Broad Nib
$$$4.7 Stars
Namiki Falcon Collection*Flexible Hooded Nib
*14 karat gold writing nib
*Elegant Box
*Choice of Fine, Medium and Broad Nib
$$$4.6 Stars
Cross Century II Classic Black
*23 Karat Gold Plated Nib
*Fine Nib
$$4.8 Stars
Parker Sonnet Lacquer

*23 Karate Gold Plated Trim and Nib
*Glossy Jewel Like Finish
*Fine Nib
$$4.5 Stars
Waterman Expert *Customizable Colors
*Fine Point Nib
$$$4.5 Stars
Sheaffer 300

*Gold Trim
*Modern Design
*Comes w/ Bottled Ink Converter
$$4.3 Stars
Lamy Safari

*Charcoal Black
*Fine Nib
$4 Stars

We (along with thousand of pen enthusiasts) have decided that the pens listed above are among the highest caliber of writing utensils available. We’ve tried to balance both quality and affordability in our selection above.

Pilot Vanishing Point Review

Pilot is well known for making quality lower end pens, but their higher end work often gets overlooked. This pen adds a level of ingenuity to the design, being one of the only fountain pens with a retractable nib (which can be a huge plus for protecting and maintaining nib integrity).

Economy Choice: Lamy Safari Review



Prior to that you had to purchase a bottle of dipping ink. This new internal storing mechanism made pens much more portable. (Imagine before: “Is that a bottle of ink in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”)

These writing instruments become much more popular and mainstream in the early 18th century. Since that time the craftsmanship has evolved to it’s current state.




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