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Choosing the Right Pen Nib

The heart and soul of a quality fountain pen is its nib, the tip where the ink flows onto the page. It controls how quickly and how much ink comes out of the pen, and it influences the appearance of the writing. The most basic difference among them is their width. As a result, choosing the right width is essential for purchasing a pen that will suit your purposes and be comfortable to use.

Pen tips come in five basic widths: Extra fine, fine, medium, and double broad. Each width impacts the writing differently. Extra fine and fine nibs allow the smallest amount of ink to flow onto the page. Ink from these tips also flows more slowly, because the opening is smaller. The result is finer writing that dries more quickly on the page.

Best-Nibs-300x300The medium width, as you might expect, provide a faster ink flow than do the extra fine and fine varieties, but a slower ink flow than do the broad and double broad kinds. The writing, as a result, is thicker and wetter.

Broad and double broad widths provide the fastest ink flow. The writing is the thickest and wettest out of all the sizes. These types of nibs, therefore, provide quite a bit of creative flexibility for the writer, though they can also be the most difficult to use when trying to keep the writing neat.

Because each size affects ink flow and the appearance of the writing differently, choosing a size should involve considering the uses to which you will put the pen. The difference each nib provides makes each type ideal for a particular task.

For instance, extra fine and fine nibs are the most suitable widths for writing that requires extra care. Because they only produce a small amount of ink that dries quickly, they also work best for writing that you do not want to smudge. For instance, if you take notes professionally or as a student, and need to create accurate and clear writing, this may be the perfect width for you.

Nib-Ink-300x146Broad and double broad nibs, on the other hand, are best suited for quick writing. This size is also often used for calligraphy, because of the unique appearance it gives to the writing. If you are an artistic person who wishes to add flair to your writing style, this may be a good choice for you.

However, the medium nibs, because of their flexibility and mid-range flow, are perfect for everyday writing. For instance, this size will work great whether you are creating a shopping list, writing a letter, or writing in your diary. You may want to choose this size if you are going to use your pen in many different situations.

Choosing the right pen tip is the single most important choice you can make when selecting a fountain pen. The right size will make your writing easier and more fun and ensure that your fountain pen will serve you well regardless of how you use it.

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Updated: October 14, 2014 — 2:54 am

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