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Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen Review

Pilot Metropolitan Pen

Coming straight off our list of top cheap fountain pens, the Pilot Metropolitan combines excellent value with an unbelievable price. The entry-level, medium nib fountain pen offers an exceptionally smooth stainless steel nib, beautiful plastic and metal body, and small details that make it easy to use and appealing to look at. The pen offers […]

Cross Century II Medalist Fountain Pen Review

Picture of Cross Century II Fountain PEn

Found on our Top List of Recommended Fountain Pens, Style, size, and reliability define the Cross Century II Medalist fountain pen. Built on the model of the earlier model of the Classic Century, this incarnation adds to the line an elegant design and excellent ink flow a wider body and nib. The result of this new combination […]

The Basics of How to Write with a Fountain Pen


Fountain pens offer a fun, exciting, and elegant way to write. The smooth flow of the ink, the comforting weight of the pen in the hand, and the sophisticated design make even the most mundane writing a luxurious experience. However, creating an easy flow of ink and neat letters with this writing instrument requires a […]

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review


The basic look and function of the Lamy Safari fountain pen masks its far from basic performance among pens in its price range. This piece is actually featured on two different “Best Pens” lists that we have put out, both the “List of Top Recommended Fountain Pens” (as the economy choice) and our “List of […]

Sheaffer 300 Fountain Pen Review


Steadiness and dependability define the Sheaffer 300 fountain pen. Elegant combinations of color, lots of trim, and a cigar-shaped body make this pen look balanced, bold, and appealing making it one of the best fountain pens on the market. At the same time, its large size and heavy weight make this pen comfortingly solid. Its […]

Waterman Expert Fountain Pen Review


The Waterman Expert fountain pen boasts a gorgeous design, well-built nib, and beautiful finish. Its black lacquered body, gold trim, and stainless steel nib testify to its stylish French origins and set it apart from the competition in the area of look and feel. The result is a pen that looks expensive, feels luxurious, and […]

Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen Review


The Parker Sonnet combines superb performance and a gorgeous design to create a pen that leads the way in the market of top notch fountain pens. This pen stands out from the competition because of its ideal weight, perfect performance, versatility, and sheer beauty. An 18 karat gold nib, and many styles to choose from complete […]

Choosing the Right Pen Nib


The heart and soul of a quality fountain pen is its nib, the tip where the ink flows onto the page. It controls how quickly and how much ink comes out of the pen, and it influences the appearance of the writing. The most basic difference among them is their width. As a result, choosing […]

Best Paint Pens

Image By Ben Husmann

Those of you who have experience with homemade crafts probably understand how great paint pens can be. For those of you who are new to paint marker pens, unlike normal ink pens with refillable cartridges they essentially look and write like markers. The big difference is that their ink is usually oil-based and they are permanent. This enables you […]

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